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Glenn Ceresoli had a wonderful class yesterday. It was 2 and a half hour of belts, blocks, chair and bolster. I had to look at the other one´s as I have not done Iyengar the last couple of years.

Ceresoli did emphasis how to stay relaxed in the stomach, throat and face during the asana. He did claim that tension in the stomach showed you had difficulty making changes in your life. I often feel I don´t have a totally relaxed stomach, so I often focus on just following my breath in and out through my nose.

Further Ceresoli focused on connecting the body experience to the subtle energies. In Savasana, the last asana, he advocated that the dead mans corps, was about how the yoga practitioner was able to let go of all outward influences. I interpret that as to how non attachment is practiced in the yoga class.

Further, he explained how it all is conciousness and that is all there is.


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