Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga – rising at 0400 am

On the second day of the workshop I woke up by myself at 0400 am. This is not a regular habit, so I attribute it to the wonderful effects of yoga. I feel light in my body and ready for the next day.

Ceresoli focused on telling us how important it was to have silence in the yoga room. He compared it to a church, you don´t have a party there, you come there with grace and expectation of what will happen. Similarly he said the yoga room was a space where you could practice presence and conciousness awareness. Personally, I think it is the space where the teacher tells me how to find my inner Guru.

Also he said that in the yoga class always have the attitude of I want to do that, I am willing to do this. We have to try catch ourselves if there is something we don´t want to do. He also emphasised that experience in an asana is relevant to your experience in life, if your right arm always grab for the milk then be aware of how it feels, does it make the left arm less strong for instance.


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