Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga yoga – schedule 2019

The third day was quite though as I am not used to doing 5 hours a day of yoga. I do look upon it as a challenge to do that three days in a row. I felt some anger coming up during the last session, I was wondering where is the divine in this practice? 🙂 After Sarvangasana, shoulderstand, it however went away and I was a happy camper again.


The classes has been packed so obviously a great number of people, around 30, finds him very good. He does challenge us with some hard legwork and one can feel the burn, and then you have to do once more.

I did look into his schedule for 2019, and he is coming to Stavanger 3 times, March, August and November, hence I plan to go then as well. He also does teacher training in Stavanger, and you can catch him in Goa, India, New Zealand and around Europe.


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