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Meditation class was based around the mantra, Ham Sa.

A mantra is a tool used to silence the mind. You focus on the mantra and the other thoughts dissappears. In order to do a mantra meditation it is important to open the heart, this might be the first thing to do in a class. Inhale and exhale, take your attention to your heart area, silently saying the mantra. You activate the Anatha chakra.

As mentioned, we focused on the Ham Sa mantra, Ham means I am and Sa means That. I am that. We journeyed through all the chakras, and then we said Ham Sa Sa Ham, I am that I am, which is an old sufi expression. To combine Hinduism and Sufism in this wonderful way I just love. There is gorgeous book called One Song a new illuminated Rumi translated by Michael Green, where you find on page 25, I am That I am.

If you got inspired by this meditation you may try David Wagner´s version on

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