Meditation class @ Yoga for Alle

Meditation class was based around the mantra, Ham Sa.

A mantra is a tool used to silence the mind. You focus on the mantra and the other thoughts dissappears. In order to do a mantra meditation it is important to open the heart, this might be the first thing to do in a class. Inhale and exhale, take your attention to your heart area, silently saying the mantra. You activate the Anatha chakra.

Mantra liberates you from distraction.

As mentioned, we focused on the Ham Sa mantra, Ham means I am and Sa means That. I am that. We journeyed through all the chakras, and then we said Ham Sa Sa Ham, I am that I am, which is an old sufi expression. To combine Hinduism and Sufism in this wonderful way I just love. There is gorgeous book called One Song a new illuminated Rumi translated by Michael Green, where you find on page 25, I am That I am.

If you got inspired by this meditation you may try David Wagner´s version on


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