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The meditation class centered around the breath. The breath is wonderful to be in touch with, as it is so much easier to let go and relax when you pay attention to it.

Breathing in and out of each chakra, approximately 2 minutes on each. Then we focused on a all chakras, and finally we said the Ham Sa mantra in our heart chakra. Ham means I am and Sa means that, I am that. The mantra opens our heart chakra, and when I first learned it, it had such a profound effect that I pay attention to it in every chakra every day, just doing mundane things in life.


After the meditation we did relaxation, a relaxation technique that centers around letting go and relax all areas of our bodies. We also had time for some wonderful adventure on «the beach and in the rainforrest» as we still focused on letting go and relax. Finally, it was time for Savasana and then gently integrating each aspect of the class in our bodies.


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