Yoga stuff

Time for making a wishlist for Christmas, here are some yoga ideas:

The highest density of yoga practitioners outside of India is California, UK and Denmark. Not surprisingly, this is also where you will find the best yoga stuff. Here is an overview:

To feel comfortable during yoga is a must. When I started out I used my normal workout clothes. This was fine, especially in Ashtanga, where you sweat a lot. For the moment I use ALO pants, which have high waist and a great length in the legs. However, when I started doing Iyengar, I found some really great pants at Marie Wright. They offer cotton-Lycra blend unitards, leggings, and yoga pants. They feature double fabric panels front and back for better support and opacity. I have also fallen in love with the Norwegian Run & Relax.

I love They have over 3,000 products, and cater to different styles like Satyananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Jivamukti. You can get everything from a neti pot to a Toddler boys yogi play mat.

If you want to do asanas at home the most important thing to buy is a good quality mat. The Manduka Pro mat is usually considered the best mat, it comes with a lifetime warranty, however it is a bit slippery. I have been happy using the Jade mat at home and at a studio. The most important thing is to find one that fit your needs. If you travel a lot, investing in a lighter mat might also be beneficial. If you do Iyengar, you might find it handy to have a couple of beltsblocs and bricks at home. You may also consider bolsters, the chair and the FeetUp.

For relaxation I have just used my mat, a fleeceyoga blanket and an eye pillow. However, in Satyananda they recommend using the futon mat. This is a heavy cotton mat. You may also benefit from using the miracle ball method.

For dhyana – meditation – you can either use a meditation cushion or a stool. You might enjoy burning some incense, like Nag Champa or Lotus Feet.

For purification techniques you can use a tonguescraper and a neti pot.

I am not into yoga jewelry, yet! However, both Satya and Ele Keats have a lovely collection.


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