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Maybe you get an expensive gift from someone… then I can recommend a Yoga Retreat in Telemark, Norway.

The last week of July 2016 I spent at a Satyananda Yoga retreat in Nissedal, Telemark, Norway.

We were 15 people from early twenties to retired.

We lived on a campsite and there were 2-3 people in each hut. The food was organic and vegetarian. They made adjustments for vegan’s and gluten intolerance.

We were informed that there would be a couple of days in silence, as well as silence before the yoga program in the morning. No caffeine or sugar was being served, so we were recommended to reduce the intake before our arrival. There were certain rules before we arrived; no phones, computer, iPad, radio, TV or newspapers during the stay. A typical day looked like this:

7 am – 9 am                       Yoga and meditation

9 am                                   Light breakfast

9.30 am – 11.30 am           Karma Yoga (chores; indoors or at a farm)

11.45 am – 12.30 pm         Relaxation and meditation

12.30 pm                            Dinner

4.30 pm – 6 pm                  Yoga and breathing exercises

6 pm                                    Evening meal

8.30 pm                               Meditation (some nights)

There was the possibility of going swimming at the beach, taking the boat out, go for a walk or just relax.

As I had never been in silence before, this is what I was most curious about. It lasted from Wednesday morning to Friday 12.30 pm. What I liked most about it was the silence during meals, however, I found it strange to not smile a people. We were not allowed to write or read, make any plans with each other before it started, look each other in the eyes during the period and to only make gestures when necessary. Everybody around us knew what we were doing, as they have had retreats there for the past 22 years, so we did not have to worry about them.

The yoga and the people attending were amazing.


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