Buddha – 8 noble truths – 7 treasures

The 8 noble truths are considered the road to enlightenment, they are as follows:

  1. Right action
  2. Right awareness
  3. Right concentration
  4. Right effort
  5. Right living-hood
  6. Right motivation
  7. Right speech
  8. Right view
The aim is to maintain and develop what is good and avoid and overkomme what is bad.

In order to achieve purification of understanding one can focus on the 7 treasures, they are: 

  1. Faith
  2. Fear
  3. Generosity
  4. Learning
  5. Morality
  6. Shame
  7. Understanding

If you use these 7 treasures with mindfullness you´ll get the union in this life. Use them to grow your faith and to help others grow in harmony.  


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