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The buddhist 64 mental formations is a list of wholesome and unwholesome formations. They can be mild, neutral or strong. The goal is to turn unwholesome formations to wholesome formations.

The 5 universals are there no matter what, they are: contact, attention, feeling, perception and volition.

The 5 particulars you can build, they are: intention, determination, mindfullness, concentration and insight.

The 21 wholesome are helpful, they are: faith, loving kindness, compassion, joy, happiness, freedom, non-fear, non-harming, absence of hatred, absence of craving, absence of ignorance, absence of anxiety, energy, tranquility, equanimity, stability, feverlessness, vigiliance, inner shame and shame before others.

The 6 primary unwholesome, are there but not helpful, they are: craving, hatred, ignorance, arrogance, doubt and wrong view. The unwholesome formations come from greed, anger and delusion.

The 20 secondary unwholesome, are there but not helpful, they are:

10 minor secondary
anger, resentment, concealment, maliciousness, jealousy, selfishness, deceitfulness, guide, desire to harm and pride.

2 middle secondary:
lack of inner shame and lack of shame before others

8 greater secondary:
restlessness, drowsiness, lack of faith, laziness, negligence, forgetfulness, distraction and lack of discernment

3 unwholesome, that can be helpful: fear, anger and despair

4 indeterminate, that can be either helpful or not: regret, sleepiness, initial thought and sustained thought.


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