Yoga and Meditation in India

Christmas is a week away, and I remember my stay in India. I arrived in New Delhi, and travelled to Rishikesh in order to do yoga and meditation for a month in May /June 2018.

There is yoga all over the place in Rishikesh. You have to either walk around or google to see what is offered where.

Walking around is like risking your life each time, Rishikesh does not have any sidewalks or crossovers, so you walk 30 cm from the cars, busses and trailers. You get used to it though, and eventually becomes comfortable with it.


For a month I stayed in Kriya Yoga Ashram. They had wonderful Hatha yoga, and the twice a day meditation was based on breathing in and out of the chakra´s and the Kosha´s. The first meditation started at 05.30 am and at night 06.30 pm. There was yoga 0800-0900 am and 0500-0600 pm. The Guru was there the last week. He spoke for about 15 minutes about the breath each time.

There were a few books you could buy, but compared to a bookshop down the street they overcharge at the Ashram.

There was silence in the Ashram, but you were allowed to leave during the day, and the gates clossed at 09.30 pm.

Personally I am not an Ashram kind of person, but it was a wonderful experience just for a month to see what it was like.


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