We consists of 11 systems, these are as follows:

1. Integumentary system, skin, Sahasrara chakra
It recieves the oxygen, activated by touch and smell. It protects and gives information to the brain. Diseases can be allergy, burns, acne and exema.

2. Muscular system, Mooladhara chakra
Stores energy, protect organs, makes it possible to move, biomechanic of skeleton. Diseases can be fibromyalgia and muskel cramp.

3. Skeletal system, Mooladhara chakra
Bone structure, bone marrow (house of cells). Bone is made of skin, compact bone and sponse bone. Diseases can be osteoporose and leukemia.

4. Nervous system, brain, Ajna chakra
Brain and the body, give “comments”. Somatic: use a muscle. Automatic: sympathetic- fight/flight and parasympathetic- relax. Diseases can be Parkinson. Alzheimer, MS.


5. Cardiocirculatory system, heart, Anahatha chakra
The heart is a muscle that pumps blood. Diseases can be heart attack and high blood pressure.

6. Respiratory system, lungs, Anahatha chakra
Breathe air from the outside and give it to the pump. Diseases can be Astma, KOLS, allergy.

7. Digestive system, stomach, Manipura chakra
Energy from food, transform the food. Starts with the tounge, tube, stomach, small intestine and bit intestine. Diseases can be constipation, ascidity, diabetes, stomach cancer.

8. Urinary system, kidney, bladder, Swadishthara chakra
Make the water move, filter. Diseases can be kidney stone, incontinence, prostate cancer.

9. Endocrine system, hormone, pancreas, Swadishthara, Manipura, Anahatha, Vishudda, Ajna chakras. 

Diseases can be PMS, menopause, babyblues, andropause.

10. Lymphatic system, all chakras
Vessel, detox, cleanse, remove toxins. Diseases can be chronic fatigue, immunesystem down, winter flu. Padmasana is a pressure point on the lymphatic system. Cellulite massage activate the detox of the body.

11. Reproductive system, genetials, Swadishthara chakra
Only system that is different in woman vs man. Diseases can be infertility and impotence.

OM – many people who meditate use the chant of OM to obtain peace and tranquility and to connect to a higher power.


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