Merry Christmas – Santiago de Compostela

On this wonderful day I choose to tell you about my best vacation in 2017! If you want an inspiring vacation in 2019, I suggest to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

There are many ways to Santiago de Compostela. Some people start walking from their own door and other´s pick a route. I picked part of the most popular route, Camino de Frances. It starts in St. Jean Pied de port, but I started in Pamplona. 10-13% go the whole route, others do parts of it and comes back another year, others do it from Sierra do get the certificate, others just do parts of it and last but not least some volounter at a hostel cooking food, cleaning etc.

I started out walking about 20 kilometers a day, got my first blister, and slowed down to 10 kilometers a day. As I was walking with a slipped disk, it was also important to be a bit careful. If you have done some training at home before the pilgrimage you will “easily” walk 20 kilometers a day.

An e-book by Leslie Gilmour that described every village, list the hostels and has a bit of history was useful. There was also a GPS tracker that I sometimes used. I didn´t need to carry a map, as the Camino was well marked with blue signs on buildings, or grey marks on the ground.

When it come to hostels, they cost from 5€ a night for a bunk bed, untill 15€. Some of them offered dinner, 10 €, and meditation, while others offered breakfast, 5€. There were usually cafe´s open for breakfast so don´t worry about food.

When it comes to packing your backpack make sure you get it as light as possible. I used a 23 l backpack, and that worked out fine. If you are tired one day, or just want to walk without it, there is the possibility of sending it from village to village.

You will find good advice here and here.

I chose to be a vegetarian on the road, as, as a vegan I had to live on fruit and cold beans.

Paulo Coelho has written a book about the camino, and there is a movie.

Buen camino



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