Creating a class @ home

New Year is getting close, are you ready to do yoga at home on your own?

Here are a few tips.

You may start your session with Pranayama, then asanas for each chakra and finish with Shavasana/Yoga Nidra and/or meditation. Sun salutations affects every chakra.

You can dedicate a session to an intention, deity, a subject, a pain etc.

An advanced class is either very fast or have long holds in each asana, so figure out what works for you today.

Allow the opening in each asana. Observe the relevant chakra and see if you aspire to having a session of moving meditation.

Each time you do as asana do a counter asana, ie. back bend to forward bend. If you do one 1 minute do the other 1 minute.

When you move the spine you activate the nervous system.

If you work on a spesific chakra remember:

– because of Apana Prana affecting both the 1 and 2 chakra, if you work on one also work on the other. Udana Prana affects 5-7 chakra, so work on all of them. Samana Prana is the 3 chakra, and Maha Prana the 4 chakra.

–  It is a matter of time, frequency and intensity that decides how fast you improve. If you are ill, increase pranayama and work on the 2 chakra, forward bends. If you are working on the 2 chakra you can for instance play music with water.


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