Anatomy Trains in Motion


Maybe you would like to take course next year, I may recommend Karin Grutner´s Anatomy Trains Art in Motion course.

I would like to share with you a few things:

We worked primarily on the superficial back- and front lines (SBL and SFL). The SBL pulls downward while the SFL pulls upward. The SBL and SFL are connected at the toes.

Muscle and fascia always work together, what you are focusing on is important. If you have lose fascia, then the muscles tensions, because something has to hold the body together. Optimal muscle tone is important.

If you hold a yoga asana for a long time, relaxed stretch, due to plasticity you will have a long lasting effect. There are 6-10 times more nerveendings in fascia than in a the muscles. However, if you stretch too much you lose resilience, temporarily, of the fuzz. A lot of the nerveendings are in the gliding of the muscles.

Gil Hedley´s fuzz speach:


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