Asanas and chakras

Each asana connect, activate, open, clean and relax one or more chakras, energy wheels, located at 7 main points in the body.

Standing asanas, 1 chakra, are connected to the physical body, the sun, male energy (yang). It is connected to strengt, balance and taking root in the earth. The Mooladhara chakra, root chakra, is located at the perineum. You purify the Mooladhara chakra by connecting to trees and stones. If you are depressed it is great to do standing asanas.

Forward bends, 2 chakra, are connected to the vital body, the moon, female energy (yin). The vital body is ruled by fear, anger and desire. When we purify the Swadishthara chakra, sexual chakra, located 2 centimeters under the belly buttom, it turns into calm, joy and equanimity. The vital body is activated by the five senses: see, touch, smell, hear and taste. If you have a sedentary lifestyle forward bends will remove the rigidity of the dorsal part.

Twists, 3 chakra, are connected to the mental body. The Manipura chakra is located 5 centimeters from the diaphram, and is connected to producing, storing and distributing emotions. Knots that are in the mind are in the abdominal region. If you are looking for a solution, do twists. The mental body is about inferior/superior, like/dislike, remember, creation and ignorance. When it is in balance you forgive, like, everything is possible attitude and you feel equanimity. Your habits are connected to the mental body.

Back bends, 4 chakra, are connected to the psychic body. Anahata chakra is located at the middle of the chest. It is the heart chakra and is all about embracing life, unconditional love, kindness and simple information when it is in balance. It opens the ribcage and the dorsal. Wisdom.

The three lower chakras are impure, that means you have to work on them becoming pure. The fourth chakra is the only chakra being both pure and impure. The fourth chakra is somehow connected to the mental body, you remain there and then you have to develop the love for yourself again. The three upper chakras are per definition pure.

Inverted, 5 chakra, are connected to the mental body and the Vishudda chakra. Vishudda, located at the throat, enable you to see things differently, brings clarity and stability. Anti-age effect. You are in the present. You may visualize a heart opening going up through Vishudda. Open your heart and your divine speaks.

Balancing asanas, 6 chakra, are connected to the vital body and the Ajna chakra, pinal gland. It balances the left and right side of the body. Helps to let go of stuff, increase intuiton and wise advice. If you want to connect to a person again do balancing asanas.

Relaxation asanas and meditation, 7 chakra, are connected to the physical body and the Sahasrara chakra, crown chakra, located on the top of the head. It also affects all the other chakras. The body gets light, fit, stable and relaxed. The mind gets objective.


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