Pranayama and the chakras

Pranayama is done to expand and control the breath.

You can do pranayama that works on concentration, counting, ie. 1-50 or that ie. calms you down in/out equal length of breath.

The breath goes through the Sushuma chanel consisting of Pingala; right, male, sun and Ida; left, female, moon.

You may do:

All chakras – Apana-, Samana-, Maha- and Udana Prana

Nadi Shodhana Bhramuri – close eyes, right hand close one nostril at a time and two fingers on the Ajna chakra. Go left in, right out, right in, left out. Or if you are too sleepy do only right in and out, if you are too hyperactive and want to sleep do only left in and out.


Manipura chakra – Samana Prana

Kapalbhati in Padmasana or in each asana; regular in-breath and forced out-breath. This cleans negative thoughts.

Bhastrika in Padmasana, forced in- and out-breath.

Anahatha chakra – Maha Prana

Maha Prana – hands on the chest, retntion in the lungs. Clarify Anahatha

Vishudda chakra – Udana Prana

Ujjayi in Padmasana or in each asana; sound in the throat. Calms the mental body.


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