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At Satsang, Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger, we watched Yoga Maya. It was a wonderful film.

Among other things it raised the question about yoga being a religion, and it claimed Yoga came to being before Hinduism, Hence, it is not a religion. In Patanjali, it is only once mentioned something higher than yourself, that you, if you want, can interpret as God.

Also it raised the question to why we only expect a 200 hour teacher training to become a yoga teacher. In general some argued because it is all inclusive, others said years of experience was required. Personally, I have chosen teachers that either has a full time yoga teacher training for 3 years, or years of experience as a practitioner and teacher. Pick someone that suits your needs. If you “only” want to stretch your hamstring 200 hours are fine, if you require the deeper knowledge of yoga go for experience.


Enjoy the movie!


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