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Tonight is the starting day for the 4 day course by Glenn Ceresoli at It is my second time doing his 4 day course, and the last time I loved it and was filled with inspiration. I was also tired after the 4 days so I wonder how it’ll be this time.

He is going to take questions from us, and I will ask about the best asana for our eye centre in our neck. Also, I will ask how long I can stay in one position, especially relaxing pose.

For the moment I am focusing a bit on Savasana, as my Chiropractor recommended me to relax in this asana instead of on the couch 🙂

Stay tuned, I´ll let you know how it goes.

My blog is in a new phase; I feel inspired to share my knowledge from the yoga courses I take, retreats or yoga teacher training. Hence, I will post when I have new info to share with you.


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