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Yoga is about contentment. On one side you have sadness on the other happiness. Personally, I find great joy and happiness in both yoga and meditation.

After the course I felt great contentment, and, it still lingers the feeling of being able to do the course.

I am so greatful Ceresoli, with 40 years experience, comes to visit us here in Stavanger.

For the eye centre the best asana is Halasana we bent knees, another good one is Baddha Konasana.

I have started to plan my trip to India in 2019. I am checking out an Iyengar studio in Rishikesh, it seems wonderfully professional, so I dropped them so q´s.

I´ll let you know more details later, and if you are going to India, please drop me a comment if you have great suggestions for yoga and meditation. Vegan food is lovely too 🙂



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