Workshop 4 hour class: Janna Brattli @ Yoga Yoga

I just had the privilege to attend Janna Brattli`s 4 hour class in Iyengar. It was a first for me, so I was excited. Time just flew by and I could have done 4 more.

Janna teaches in Oslo,, and is the highest certified Iyengar instructor in Norway.

For the first time I did an asana with two chairs, I might consider buying a second for myself. I just love being back doing Iyengar, it is so much fun and the teachers are so knowledgeable.

After class I stopped by next door and had chinese for dinner. Later I went to the city and had a frappucino with a friend. She said: it is amazing you can do this yoga thing of yours, is it really good for you? Yes I said, it is the best thing ❤


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