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For some time now I have planned to be able to do a two hour class on monday and one on thursday. I did on monday and are ready for thursday.

I did Veen´s two hour class at Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger, and it was a wonderful class. A bit of sweat in the beginning and a really chill end. She says; yoga is to practice also off the mat. It is as important what you do off the mat as on the mat. Personally, I find that off the mat I become more relaxed and able to let go off stress when I focus on my yoga practice.

Tomorrow I am attending Mauritzen´s two hour class at YogaYoga Stavanger. I have only taken it one time before and loved it. She is consistent in saying we have to practice, often and with skill. The more we do the more we learn. She wants her students to be able to practice at home by having learned the right way in class.



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