Yin Yoga Teacher Training @ Hot Yoga Sola

For six days I joined a Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Sola in Norway. It was amazing!

Before the course I read Bernie Clarks The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga. It was filled with new information.

The muscular yoga he calles Yang yoga, Yin yoga is working on «the «yin» tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks and even our bones.» You can stay in a Yin Yoga pose for 1-20 minutes. We don´t engage our muscles in Yin yoga.

The teacher, Juliette Snijders, also recommended no lyrics in songs in Yin class. She said Spotify has many playlists for relaxing yoga, you can also find the public playlists of well known yoga teachers.

You may use themes for your class such as: meridians, specific bodyparts, intentions, chanting and nature. In Savasana you relax your eyelids towards nose, and eyes back in the skull. You may do 9-13 poses in 90 minutes.

There is a wonderful webpage, yinyoga.com, that shows many of the asana`s on videos and also have descriptions. Further you can use khan.org, for anatomy information, for instance the nervous system and stem cells.


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