Second time of Chopra Center Detox

Hope you are well and healthy in these trying Corona times.

On March 21 I started my second time of the organic vegan Ayurveda detox from the Chopra Center, a 5 week program.

It was a true joy to get myself familiarized with the content again. Last time I did not do all of the practices each day but picked a few for each day. This time, however, I got it all down.

I started the day at 06 am, did the neti pot, oil pulling, nasya, clean the tounge, dry brush, abhyanga self massage, yoga, pranayama and meditation. The Chopra center says the effect of all the practices support each other, and it is so true. I felt so clean, calm, relaxed and filled with optimisme, even in the face of Corona.

I also used Triphala this time around, and found it beneficial. Next time I´ll try the Chyawanprash as well.

I truly came to love the 15 minute yoga program. I included and Iyengar asana for the knees, so it lasted 30 minutes.

I am so greatful I can follow this program as a mover through season changes, I am in it for the long run.


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