Online Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

In March 2020 Bend it like Buddha had a remarkable offer for a 200 hours online yoga teacher training at your own pace. Due to Corona I thought, get going, so I started and loved it. The yoga is a bit challenging for me, so it seems I have more to release from my body,Continue reading “Online Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training”

Resources during Corona

I have made a FB page for you: Here I collect resources in meditation, yoga, work outs, meal planning and self-development that are free now during Corona outbreak. There are also some links to things that are reduced in price. Personally, I also use some online stuff I pay for like , yogainternational.comContinue reading “Resources during Corona”

Ayurveda – 3 hour class

I started 2020 with my first Ayurveda class at YogaYoga with Bodil Mauritzen. It was three hours packed with info. Ayurveda is a 4000 year old Indian way of looking at our health through our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Here, I share a few insights with you when it comes to food. Ayurveda alsoContinue reading “Ayurveda – 3 hour class”

Chopra Center detox diet

3 weeks ago I enrolled in the Chopra Center detox diet online. It is based on Ayurvedic principles and consists of a preparation-, clanse- and rejuvenation week. It is a plant-based detox. There was an extraordinary shopping list; based on organic spices, -oils, -ghee and -vegetables. They advice you to cook fresh every day, andContinue reading “Chopra Center detox diet”

Yin Yoga Teacher Training @ Hot Yoga Sola

For six days I joined a Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Sola in Norway. It was amazing! Before the course I read Bernie Clarks The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga. It was filled with new information. The muscular yoga he calles Yang yoga, Yin yoga is working on «the «yin» tissues of ourContinue reading “Yin Yoga Teacher Training @ Hot Yoga Sola”

Juan Sierra @ Jivamukti Stavanger

Juan Sierra, an advanced Jivamukti yoga teacher, is in town. I joined his open extended 2 hour class on a beautiful sunne day. It was a lot of fun, and we got to do 6 Navasana, which was great. He got me sweating, balanced and excited about the possibilites of yoga. I am currently wonderingContinue reading “Juan Sierra @ Jivamukti Stavanger”