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Workshop 4 hour class: Janna Brattli @ Yoga Yoga

I just had the privilege to attend Janna Brattli`s 4 hour class in Iyengar. It was a first for me, so I was excited. Time just flew by and I could have done 4 more. Janna teaches in Oslo,, and is the highest certified Iyengar instructor in Norway. For

Yin yoga and painfree

This morning I woke up without any pain, it was heaven on earth. Usually I don´t understand why it is so painful in the morning, since I sleep so well. Today, however, I hope mark the day for future wonderful mornings, days and evening. Yin class, Jivamukti Stavanger, which was

Two studios

I am for three months going to try and see how it works with two studios, as you know I do Jivamukti, now I add an Iyengar studio. It is wonderful for my body and mind to two both practices, as they are so different they compliment each other. There

Lessons from Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga

Yoga is about contentment. On one side you have sadness on the other happiness. Personally, I find great joy and happiness in both yoga and meditation. After the course I felt great contentment, and, it still lingers the feeling of being able to do the course. I am so greatful

Ready for Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga

Tonight is the starting day for the 4 day course by Glenn Ceresoli at Yoga Yoga. It is my second time doing his 4 day course, and the last time I loved it and was filled with inspiration. I was also tired after the 4 days so I wonder how

The Palm Chakras


Sting and Oprah

This wonderful interview, with amazing lyrics to Send your love. Namaste  

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