Online Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

In March 2020 Bend it like Buddha had a remarkable offer for a 200 hours online yoga teacher training at your own pace. Due to Corona I thought, get going, so I started and loved it. The yoga is a bit challenging for me, so it seems I have more to release from my body, which is good, as I am not well yet.

The course is a mix of modules about yoga, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, ayurvedic massage, relaxation and anatomy. L. Farrah Furtado has her trainings form BNS Iyengar in India, and it is a bit different from the other trainings I have taken. She has written a book, Metamorhisis, which is part of the course. There is a Facebook group for classes and comments.

Their latest offering is the Pegasus course on June 1. It is about attracting audience online. Hence, I have bought my first Tripod and AirPods, ready to fly!


Second time of Chopra Center Detox

Hope you are well and healthy in these trying Corona times.

On March 21 I started my second time of the organic vegan Ayurveda detox from the Chopra Center, a 5 week program.

It was a true joy to get myself familiarized with the content again. Last time I did not do all of the practices each day but picked a few for each day. This time, however, I got it all down.

I started the day at 06 am, did the neti pot, oil pulling, nasya, clean the tounge, dry brush, abhyanga self massage, yoga, pranayama and meditation. The Chopra center says the effect of all the practices support each other, and it is so true. I felt so clean, calm, relaxed and filled with optimisme, even in the face of Corona.

I also used Triphala this time around, and found it beneficial. Next time I´ll try the Chyawanprash as well.

I truly came to love the 15 minute yoga program. I included and Iyengar asana for the knees, so it lasted 30 minutes.

I am so greatful I can follow this program as a mover through season changes, I am in it for the long run.


Resources during Corona

I have made a FB page for you:

Here I collect resources in meditation, yoga, work outs, meal planning and self-development that are free now during Corona outbreak.

There are also some links to things that are reduced in price.

Personally, I also use some online stuff I pay for like , , and

Do you know about a resource? Please drop me a line.

Please listen to the advice of your government.



Ayurveda – 3 hour class

I started 2020 with my first Ayurveda class at YogaYoga with Bodil Mauritzen. It was three hours packed with info. Ayurveda is a 4000 year old Indian way of looking at our health through our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Here, I share a few insights with you when it comes to food. Ayurveda also include stones, sounds and smell.

On YouTube you can find info from Banyan Botanicals, and there is a podcast Yogaland that has four episodes on Ayurveda.

In India the best Ayurvedic clinics are in Kerala and Pune. An Ayurvedic doctor will most likely give you a pill for 2-3 months and ask you to make a few changes.

A recent visit to Prague

It is the imbalance in the Dosha we are trying to correct. Most likely you´ll have an imbalance in what is your Dosha. My Dosha is Pitta/Kapha hence here are my imbalance. Winter season is Kapha, Pitta is spring and summer, and autumn is Vata. In the season that is your Dosha be extra viglient about detecting the imbalances. It is after digestion your body starts to repair the deeper layers of you body.

If you want to loose weight, as I do, Kapha diet is the best. Remember that if you eat a lot off one food, it´ll loose its effect. Ghee in the food makes sure nutrition is transported to your cells and that waste is transported out of your system.

A new habit takes about 17-21 days do manifest in your system. Ayurveda recommends going to a restaurant once a week so you don´t get stuck in your food habits.


Chopra Center detox diet

3 weeks ago I enrolled in the Chopra Center detox diet online. It is based on Ayurvedic principles and consists of a preparation-, clanse- and rejuvenation week. It is a plant-based detox.

There was an extraordinary shopping list; based on organic spices, -oils, -ghee and -vegetables. They advice you to cook fresh every day, and only keep leftovers in the fridge for 2-3 days, as the food looses its prana.

There were live calls with Drs. Sheila Patel and Deepak Chopra, a facebook group and a comunity on the Chopra center website. You get to keep all your course material forever.

They recommend to do a cleanse 2-3 times a year, when the season changes. I will definitly put it into my schedule, as I have never felt better after the accident.

I am so impressed that I bought all the 9 books for their Perfect Health online course, and intend to live according to ayurveda from now on.


Yin Yoga and working out

As I am hooked on doing yin yoga @ home after Paul Grilley´s book, I decided to include some cardio and gym workouts. I have ordered a treadmill and a homegym, that I look forward to use. To just do yin is not advisable, as one use very little muscles, so I decided to return to previous workout programs.

I also have started to use the weight Nokia Body Cardio, so I can keep track of progress. It is just wonderful to combine with the Healthmate app.

Watch the weight

I have signed up for the Chopra center´s detox program, and look forward for it to start. I got two free meditation experiences that I love to use for the time being.

I am busy now with treatment, but plan to take a three month break during winter, so my body adjust nicely.


Month of Yin

The last month I have practiced Yin yoga at home, after Bernie Clarks book. It has been a joy to experience how things losen up, and how improvements are made.

I also attended an Iyengar workshop with Glenn Ceresoli. It was a wonderful experience to have 5 days with him.

I am a bit in a limbo state, as I don´t know what I wil focus on in the future. There is a Jivamukti yoga teacher training, 75 hr, coming up. But, I am not sure I will do it. I might just focus on Yin and Iyengar. Sometimes I just trust that the journey will be getting me in the right direction.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training @ Hot Yoga Sola

For six days I joined a Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Sola in Norway. It was amazing!

Before the course I read Bernie Clarks The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga. It was filled with new information.

The muscular yoga he calles Yang yoga, Yin yoga is working on «the «yin» tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascia networks and even our bones.» You can stay in a Yin Yoga pose for 1-20 minutes. We don´t engage our muscles in Yin yoga.

The teacher, Juliette Snijders, also recommended no lyrics in songs in Yin class. She said Spotify has many playlists for relaxing yoga, you can also find the public playlists of well known yoga teachers.

You may use themes for your class such as: meridians, specific bodyparts, intentions, chanting and nature. In Savasana you relax your eyelids towards nose, and eyes back in the skull. You may do 9-13 poses in 90 minutes.

There is a wonderful webpage,, that shows many of the asana`s on videos and also have descriptions. Further you can use, for anatomy information, for instance the nervous system and stem cells.


Juan Sierra @ Jivamukti Stavanger

Juan Sierra, an advanced Jivamukti yoga teacher, is in town. I joined his open extended 2 hour class on a beautiful sunne day.

It was a lot of fun, and we got to do 6 Navasana, which was great. He got me sweating, balanced and excited about the possibilites of yoga. I am currently wondering if I am going to take the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in India in February 2020. My only concern is that it is too hard for me.

Sierra spoke about time, and how we today are out of time. He asked us to prioritize, and do what matters the most to us. Wether it is a 5 minute meditation, or a 2 hour class.

Whishing you a beautiful summer!