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Yin Yoga Teacher Training in August 2019

In early August 2019 I will enroll in a Yin yoga teacher training in Sola, Norway. I have done some Yin classes at Jivamukti Yoga Stavanger, so I am so looking forward to the Yoga Alliance registered course. The course will be 60 hours and we´ll cover asana`s, philosophy, anatomy,

The Palm Chakras


Chakra cleansing and balancing mudras and mantras

Just a reminder for you and me, how to clean our chakras and balance our Mudras and Mantras. Namaste

The 7´th chakra – Sahasrara

The 7`th chakra is located at the crown of the head. It is said to open our spiritual centre. Namaste

The 6`th chakra – Ajna

Ajna chakra is the 6´th chakra. It is located between the eyebrows.   Namaste

The 5´th chakra – Vishuddha

The 3 upper chakras are considered the 3 pure one´s. Vishuddha is chakra number 5 and located in the throat region. Namaste


To work on your chakras is beneficial to get to know yourself. You might start to work on all of them or pick spesific ones that you give extra attention. The chakra system consists of 7 main energy wheels, or nerve plexus´s. They are located in the spine and go

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