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Last week I went to Oslo to my Chiropractor treatment. He worked the muscles connected to the hip, top and bottom. It takes me about a week to recover, it feels great when the side effects goes away, and I feel even better than before. When it comes to yoga

Healing the whole self @ Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra has a 4 week healing the whole self program. First week is about the body, second mind, third emotions and four spirit. From the pdf download it says there are 5 ways to heal the body: Meditation Take a minimum of 5 minutes a day to observe yourself.


San means born of the heart and kalpa means way of being. Sankalpa is the deepest intention and desire that are born in the heart. In the Upanishads it says: you are your deepest desire. You may write down your Sankalpa and repeat it every day for 40 days and

Jnana @home: Deepak Chopra -7 laws of yoga

Many years ago I kept listening to Deepak Chopra´s 7 Spiritual laws of sucess. He has expanded it into yoga, and the 7 laws are the same. The 7 laws are: The law of pure potentiality The law of giving and receiving The law of cause and effect The law

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