Category: Jnana

Jnana @home: Deepak Chopra -7 laws of yoga

Many years ago I kept listening to Deepak Chopra´s 7 Spiritual laws of sucess. He has expanded it into yoga, and the 7 laws are the same. The 7 laws are: The law of pure potentiality The law of giving and receiving The law of cause and effect The law

Jnana @home: OM

The syllable OM is often chanted in the beginning and/or end of class. It has different meanings according to different schools, my school believes it has no meaning only vibrations. Below you see the different explanation for the syllable. If you familiarize yourself with chanting, I am no expert, you´ll

Jnana @home: Books

Jnana yoga is the path of Wisdom and knowledge. I go through some books during the year, but I don´t organize my ideas and understanding in any way. Today I looked a bit in the Bhagavad Gita. It is possible to just pick a verse and meditate on it. It

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