Philosophy – Bodil Mauritzen @ Yoga Yoga

Today was a 2 hour class on philosophy with Bodil Mauritzen. We went through Patanjali´s 8 yoga sutras, looked at Iyengar´s interpretation and Ravi Ravindra´s. Here is a short summary from Bodil´s hand out. Iyengar says practice is the steadfast effort to still the fluctuations of the mind. He Further says long, uninterupted alert practiceContinue reading “Philosophy – Bodil Mauritzen @ Yoga Yoga”


Patanjali explains to us how to get out of suffering. He claims if we practice non-reaction and non- attachement that we will reach pure awareness. He also states that if we open our hearts will we reach enlightenment. He furter says that faith, energy, mindfullness and wisdom form the path to realization. The 5 kleishasContinue reading “Patanjali”