Bhagavad Gita (1) Christian Paaske @ Yoga for Alle

Christian Paaske started his lessons at Yoga For Alle this week. If you did not have the chance to go you can watch it in norwegian. Paaske did clarify in a comment in Norwegian how do understand the below. I still don´t get it so I try to follow the lecture and book, and hopefullyContinue reading “Bhagavad Gita (1) Christian Paaske @ Yoga for Alle”

Jnana @home: OM

The syllable OM is often chanted in the beginning and/or end of class. It has different meanings according to different schools, my school believes it has no meaning only vibrations. Below you see the different explanation for the syllable. If you familiarize yourself with chanting, I am no expert, you´ll find that OM does vibrateContinue reading “Jnana @home: OM”

Meditation class @ Yoga for Alle

Meditation class was based around the mantra, Ham Sa. A mantra is a tool used to silence the mind. You focus on the mantra and the other thoughts dissappears. In order to do a mantra meditation it is important to open the heart, this might be the first thing to do in a class. InhaleContinue reading “Meditation class @ Yoga for Alle”

Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga – rising at 0400 am

On the second day of the workshop I woke up by myself at 0400 am. This is not a regular habit, so I attribute it to the wonderful effects of yoga. I feel light in my body and ready for the next day. Ceresoli focused on telling us how important it was to have silenceContinue reading “Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga – rising at 0400 am”

Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga

Glenn Ceresoli had a wonderful class yesterday. It was 2 and a half hour of belts, blocks, chair and bolster. I had to look at the other one´s as I have not done Iyengar the last couple of years. Ceresoli did emphasis how to stay relaxed in the stomach, throat and face during the asana.Continue reading “Iyengar – Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga”