Lessons from Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga

Yoga is about contentment. On one side you have sadness on the other happiness. Personally, I find great joy and happiness in both yoga and meditation. After the course I felt great contentment, and, it still lingers the feeling of being able to do the course. I am so greatful Ceresoli, with 40 years experience,Continue reading “Lessons from Glenn Ceresoli @ Yoga Yoga”

Merry Christmas – Santiago de Compostela

On this wonderful day I choose to tell you about my best vacation in 2017! If you want an inspiring vacation in 2019, I suggest to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain. There are many ways to Santiago de Compostela. Some people start walking from their own door and other´s pick a route. IContinue reading “Merry Christmas – Santiago de Compostela”

Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng retreat

Still looking for that Christmas gift to your loved one? What about a retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng. I attended one at the Oslo Convention Centre in 2017, certain profound teachings were shared by them: Non reactivity: thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever. When you don´t complain about your life andContinue reading “Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng retreat”

Yoga and Meditation in India

Christmas is a week away, and I remember my stay in India. I arrived in New Delhi, and travelled to Rishikesh in order to do yoga and meditation for a month in May /June 2018. There is yoga all over the place in Rishikesh. You have to either walk around or google to see whatContinue reading “Yoga and Meditation in India”