I was hacked in October 2009. I had written about a vision on my computer that was not connected to the Internet. I had texts, videos and pictures, and got concerned.

For two years I had listened extensively to Religious audio books, and became aware of the fact that neither Jesus or Virgin Mary is described in the Bible or in any other text how they look or what they wear. The paintings are exactly as I saw them, hence I think visionaries before me have seen the same.

As you might know; in yoga the sexual chakra is of great importance.

After the visions I was listening to the religious books. Here I could not connect the yoga world to the religious world, but I was told about sexual issues in my family that I was not aware of. I had been to a Professor after the head-injury and all the testes and the pet-scan was normal. This new family information that I had asked about, for the last 20 years or so, resulted in great distress, and the hacking worried me greatly. After I was hacked once again, it was reported to the police, and nothing was done.

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