Pain free

First of all, all pain is personal.

Your pain and how you relate to it might be different from my pain and how I relate to it. What is universal is that it hurts. It might come from an accident or one might have a pain disease. For some, it is enough to slow down a bit, and the pain gradually goes away, for others it may take many years to become painfree.


The first thing I want to emphasis is that a therapist that you feel helps you, is worth its weight in gold. You might have to try a few before you find the right one(s). There are indivdual therapists and there are therapists working in pain cliniques. If you ask people for recommendations and they sound genuine by all means try it. What degree a therapist have obviously matters a lot, but also what kind of courses they have taken after can be of invaluable help for you. Tell your therapist everything, it is the only way they can help you as good as possible.

Secondly, stress. Stress is one of the most important factors for pain both physical and mental. Try to establlish routines that makes it relaxing to live. It can be all from making dinners one day for keeping in the freezer, deciding that based on your budget you might need a year of not buying more clothes, or surround yourself with wonderfull flowers, crystal stones and air freshner. Yoga is wonderful for relaxation, try Yoga Nidra, meditation or a restorative class at a yoga studio.

Thirdly, working out. Nothing is more essential for a pain patient than working out. It sounds contradictory, getting more pain, I am already in pain, yes, I know. YogaUonline with Baxter Bell MD explains why yoga is good for you.

If you wonder if yoga are for you, do take care and read through what painHealth recommends. Also if you feel yoga is too much, try gentle stretching from Harvard Health. If stretching is too much lay in Savasana, find your mat and get it going.

Fourth, being ill is a wonderful time to get to know yourself. Investigate your possibilites and limitations. Try journaling, talking to a friend, read uplifting books, listen to audio, watch fun movies and documentaries or start a blog.

Parts of my story

I have had pain after an accident for over 15 years. Most likely my central nervous system collapsed. Gradually it has been rebuilt by Chiropractor Lothe that also knows Anatomy Trains and craniosacral therapy.

I have done mostly yoga, weights and cardio in order to improve. I cannot recommend this combination more strongly for pain patients.

After my accident I was only able to do 5 minutes of stretching a day. I did it, and after a year and a half I could join a yoga studio. Today I am a yoga teacher that can join any class. I could walk 10-20 minutes, last year I spent a week walking the Camino the Santiago in Spain.

It is all about one step at a time. Don´t worry about what other people do or don´t, just stay commited to yourself and you will see improvement.

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